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Types of Industrial Spray Booths

If you are doing any industrial painting, an industrial spray booth will come in handy.Industrial spray booths are mainly used in industries like woodworking, metal working, powder coat, and composite materials.

There are four main parts that can be found in an industrial spray booth.These four main parts include the exhaust and working chamber, air make-up, accessories, and intake.The spray operation is usually conducted in the working chamber.Any air that is in the working chamber is usually filtered out via the exhaust chamber.The intake does the opposite of the exhaust chamber.

Last but not least, the air make-up system is important in bringing in conditioned air into the industrial spray booth.Lastly, all types of industrial spraying booths have important accessories, like exhaust ducts, lights, and motor controls.

Industrial spray booths differ.The differentiation of these industrial spray booths is based on three characteristics, namely airflow design, cabin style, and the type of air pressure.

These different types of industrial spray booths include cross flow, full downdraft, semi-downdraft, and side-draft.The cross flow or cross-draft paint booths are the cheapest and mainly send air across the object that is being painted.The semi-downdraft spray booth works the same way as the cross-draft one only that the incoming air enters the spray booth through a small hole in the ceiling of the booth. The side-draft spray booths work by passing air through a ceiling and then discharging it via side walls.Lastly, the full downdraft spray booths pass air to the objects being painted through the ceiling.

Whatever the types of industrial spray booth you have, all are important.Take note that an industrial spray booth has the ability to get rid of any hazardous materials.Therefore, safety while using the industrial spray booth is guaranteed.The second benefit of the industrial spray booths is that they ensure that the environment remains clean.This is because the air filters prevent any debris or dust from settling in the environment.Lastly, industrial spray booths ensure that humans are safe from explosions.The industrial spray booths ensure that air and fuel do not mix and overspraying does not take place. This website has a lot of info. about industrial spray booth.

Buying an industrial spray booth requires keeping many factors into consideration.Make sure you consider the size of the spray booth you are about to buy.At any point in time, the amount of work you will do is determined by the size of an industrial spray booth.The second tip to consider is the type of spray booth you will purchase.You should select a type that will satisfy your needs.Avoid middlemen and go directly to a manufacturer to get an industrial spray booth that you want.