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“There is no systematic survey or data prior to the 1940s census on wages. But there was one crucial employer in the United States who saved good data going again to the 1820s: the U.S. army once they had been hiring civilian employees at forts all around the nation. They’d hire a blacksmith or clerk or day laborer and write down the worker’s characteristics and the wage they had been paid and look at the hole between, for example, a clerical employee and a manufacturing employee working at a fort.

The above paragraph roughly summarizes my position through the many IOER debates that passed off over the past decade. Evidently, I bought plenty of pushback and there have been many spirited debates. These exchanges sharpened my pondering on the topic. Here, for instance , is a protracted write up from Cardiff Garcia at FT Alphaville on one such debate in 2012. Those had been enjoyable instances, but of us usually moved on to different conversations.

The entire web site is written like this, which should be a big clue that issues aren’t kosher. If that is not enough, consider the eye-poppingly costly publishing packages (which don’t provide anything that is not obtainable elsewhere for much much less cash), the massively overpriced “online media publicity marketing campaign” (based mostly largely on low cost-for-the-provider providers that may be sold at an enormous markup), and the nebulously-described ” On-line Retail Visibility Booster “, which prices $6,499 and needs you to imagine that is a good value for one thing known as a Booster Tool that supposedly gets you more evaluations on Amazon.

However who would be proper? It really comes all the way down to your priors. Priors about how irrational people are. Priors about how much uneven info exists and how much it issues in various markets, Priors about how pricey and possible Carmax for health care would be. Priors about how reputational results work in health care markets. Priors about how efficient government is at fixing market failures. And so forth. Priors, priors, priors.