Varieties of HVAC Systems and How They Work

Everyone likes staying in a cool and refreshing environment. In order for your house to be comfortable, the temperature must be moderate such that it is neither cold nor warm. However, some houses might have been built in a design wherever inside is always so cold such that it becomes uncomfortable to stay in. Some houses also lack free circulation of air inside hence either bringing down or raising the humidity of the house. Other houses especially those built near sewages or dumping sites lack clean and fresh air inside.

If you are living in a house which might be having one or all these problems, there is no need to panic because some systems have been developed which can be used to clean the air of your house and also regulate its temperature. The best way of controlling the temperatures and keeping the air of your house clean is by using an ac app. Most people use an HVAC system in their houses to also regulate the humidity inside. TheĀ HVAC system controls the humidity of the house by making sure that there is an equal distribution of air in the whole house.

There are three types of HVAC systems which are split and window AC, Packaged heating and air conditioning system and lastly centralĀ AC system. All the three varieties of HVAC systems work in a different way. Therefore, while choosing the type of system to use in your house you will have to seek more information on how each of the systems works.

Split and Window AC Systems

This type of system works by blowing fresh air from inside into the house through the coils. The windows AC work perfectly in keeping air in the house cold and fresh. The system is able to allow fresh and cold air from outside into the room while allowing hot air to go outside. On the other hand, split ACs work by separating hot air from the cold one. The split AC system is able to split cold and hot air using two different coils. This type of system is used commonly in areas with a larger application.

Packaged Heating and Air ConditioningĀ 

This is the type of system that is used for all purposes. The system comes in full package such that you can either use it clean the air in your house and you can also heat it. The packaged heating and air conditioning type of AC can be placed on top of the roof or place it in a place near the conditioning space.

Central AC Systems

Most people prefer using split AC systems which are bigger especially in buildings of residence. Most of them have a cooling fan and also a condenser. Such houses also need an evaporator because they work together with the cooling fan and condenser to remove hot air in the house replacing it with the cold one from outside. This process also needs electricity so that the compressor can use it to propel the refrigerant through all systems.