How to grow your email list for rapid business growth

If I were the only one growing my email list for a purpose, then I would be lying. Most successful business owners are doing it for a reason, and you should seriously think about how to grow your email list too. An email is a remarkable tool and connects your business to your audience in an amazing way. No marketing department or marketer should bracket themselves in marketing without the vision of recognising the importance of email marketing. It is the one marketing tool that will convert your story, your message in the most qualified way giving rise to rapid business growth. The idea is to grow your email list with people who care about your business and who find value in what you have to say. These are the people who will pay for your success. So, grow your email list and be the best content producer who educates the fans via great emails. So, how can you do this? Read my ideas below and see how I have grown my email list to 9000+.

Digital methods on how to grow your email list:
1. Have email capture sign-up forms on your website or blog – One of the first things you should do is facilitate email capture forms on your site. Have it on the home page, on various other pages and even on your blog. If readers of your content find tremendous value in your product and your blog posts, they will want to sign-up with their email and receive the content directly to their inbox.

Top Tip: Keep the email form visible at all times and above the fold

  1. Use guest blogging opportunities to its best potential – One way to grow your audience and email list is by tapping into another blog’s readership. Produce a phenomenal content piece that speaks volumes to that audience, and ask to insert your newsletter sign-up link in the author section at the end of the post. Most blog owners will be happy to do this on seeing the value you provide.

Top Tip: Make sure both published content and sign-up link is 100% relevant to the audience

  1. Create an irresistible online lead generation offer – Show your authority and value via a free giveaway such as an ebook, free product or white paper. For the reader to download or get the offer, they must provide their email address in return. If people love what you have produced and want further insight, then they must provide a way of getting this information to them. This is an excellent way to grow your email list.

Top Tip: Your lead generation offer or magnet must be brilliantly packaged and invaluable

  1. Create an online resource that is priceless to readers – Most people, including you and I, want to make things simpler and gain benefit in the shortest possible time. A solution such as a cheatsheet, time-saving toolkit ideas, a list of resources can do exactly that which can quite easily be produced. Resources are a quick hack to start building and growing your email list.

Top Tip: Whatever solution you provide, make certain you have tried and tested it and that it works for you.

  1. Use your bio link on Instagram to promote an offer – Instagram has grown into a monster marketing channel. There is a strategy to optimising your Instagram efforts, and one way of doing exactly that is by crafting a punchy biography and inserting a particular link. Link your bio to a lead generation offer or a resource page which encourages followers to get more value by signing up.

Top Tip: With the right branding, consistent posting and product pushes to your Instagram bio link come email subscribers

  1. Cross promote on Instagram to generate sign-ups via other accounts – Instagram lends itself to amazing cross-promotion. Find other accounts that you believe your target audience follows and ask them to promote an image graphic for you. There will be a certain degree of negotiation and user account guidelines to adhere to, but the perfect cross-promotion can generate lots of user engagement and email sign-ups.

Top Tip: 70% research to pinpoint the ideal accounts, 20% negotiation and 10% image production

  1. Turn your call to action button on Facebook into a lead generator – On Facebook, the header call to action button is there for a reason. It gives you multiple options of what the call to action should trigger and one of them happens to be Sign Up. When that button is clicked, the user is directed to a landing page or sign up page of your choice. A good copy written landing page, fantastic offer and with an easy to find “call to action” such as an email sign-up, you’re ready to go.

Top Tip: If convincing copy is not your strong point then hire a reputable copywriter

  1. Promote offers or downloads via Twitter – Twitter has converted at least 20% of my email subscribers. To grow your email list, you need to have Twitter as part of your business growth system. You can post offers and lead generation hooks directly as a 140 character post with a link or naturally, thank people who follow you with your giveaway link.

Top Tip: Personalise Twitter messages and give more value than you take. (It shows that you care which you do!)

  1. Use LinkedIn Pulse to educate the audience with a “Find out more” link – Publish your articles on Linkedin Pulse with the purpose of creating a persuasive authority within the business network. Give tons of valuable, well-researched information in the article and at the end of the post, encourage readers to click on a “Get more insight” link. Combine your great insight with even further enlightenment by allowing readers to download via email the full, comprehensive ebook or white paper.

Top Tip: Every step in the process should be easy to follow, and every step should give greater value

   10. Add an offer or sign-up link via your emails – This is one of the simplest and most fundamental ways to grow your email list. In the signature of your daily outbound emails, why not have an offer to a promotion that you’re currently running and include the link to the offer. Also, in your daily or weekly email distribution list, include “forward email to a friend” button which enables the recipient to forward the email to a friend at a click of a button. I tend to keep track of all of this, and visualise how I’m doing with Power BI.

Top Tip: Craft the email with maximum helpfulness, desirability and no more than three links to the relevant content and optimised email sign-up page

You may have noticed that the examples are quite simple and straight forward. They are methods you can apply starting today and which I have successfully used for a long time. However, bear in mind it’s all about the background workings, the time allocation, the giving of valuable and relevant content and the building of continues momentum that delivers the best results. You can do this! Believe in your business and stand by your product whether it’s a physical product or yourself. Authenticity is everything. Give the audience what they signed up for and connect with them way beyond the email. Furthermore, remember to grow your email list first and then be open to letting your audience in.