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    Are Your Washers FDA Compliant?

    When it comes to food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, companies are looking for FDA-approved materials for equipment manufacturing. While the nature of large components is undoubtedly specified, what about such small parts as nuts and gaskets? Any domestic metric washer manufacturer should be able to tell you whether the materials it uses are FDA-compliant. What Does It Mean To Be FDA Compliant? A washer can be considered FDA compliant if it’s: Made from GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) materials. Follows existing FDA regulations. Some of the materials are already covered by the guidelines. Submitted to FDA for food control notification. Common FDA-Compliant Washer Materials If you require washers for food…

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    5 Tips to Successfully Build a Business from Zero

    Before starting a business, you must know how passion and ability are. Passion can be seen when you know what you like to do, and can give your maximum capacity for it. Once your passion is known, you can start building a business. Here are 5 ways to start a business from scratch: Research about the market you will enter Knowing who your competitors will face is one way to start a business. However, this will not give rise to your business. You must look more at the market segment you are looking for and learn about it. You can do research by doing a search engine on the internet.…

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